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Nexus is now an authorized Google Fiber Tech Partner - May 31, 2016

Nashville, Tennessee, May 9, 2016 - The Nexus Group, Inc. (“Nexus”) announces today that it has become a Google
Fiber Tech Partner. Google Fiber will soon be available to businesses in the Nashville area and Nexus has been
selected to be a part of the Tech Partner Program.

Small businesses in Nashville will soon be able to sign up for super-fast Internet from Google Fiber. We know
that many small businesses do not have their own dedicated IT staff. The Tech Partner Program was created to
identify IT partners like Nexus that can help small businesses get the most out of the Gigabit connections offered
by Google Fiber. Nexus can work with you on all of your IT projects, including setting up your networks and
devices, and advise you on how to take advantage of cloud-based services with a Google Fiber connection.

Nexus has a Small Business bundle of service offerings that include a Cloud-based Phone System, Managed
Security (“UTM”), and backup Data Storage that are a perfect complement to your Google Fiber connection. We
provide great service and support at a great price. Look for the Google Fiber Tech Partner badge on our Nexus
website (“NXS.NET”).

We are proud to be a Google Fiber Tech Partner.

About The Nexus Group
The Nexus Group was founded in 1994, and has grown to become one of Tennessee's largest locally owned and
managed technology companies. Nexus owns and operates two (Tier II) premier data centers in the State. The first
is located in a secure 19,000 square foot building within 5 miles of the Nashville International Airport that
includes approximately 5,000 square feet of raised floor, redundant systems data center. The second is a 12,000
square foot data center in Knoxville – operating under the name Digital Crossing Networks (“DCN”). DCN has
been the top data center for colocation services in the region for over eleven (11) years.

Contact Us for More Information
Contact us if you’d like to explore the ground-breaking new Google Fiber service, or obtain more information
about Nexus and our many technology services for small business.

Andy Hayes, VP Sales
Telephone: (615) 221-4214

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