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About Us



Net-Express is Knoxville's oldest independent ISP, offering BBS access starting in the early '80s and providing quality Internet services under the Net-Express brand name since 1994.  "As a long-time local service provider and valued member of the Knoxville community, we are pleased to have found a Tennessee based provider to take care of our customers going forward" said Robin Galyan, President of Dataworld, owner of Net-Express.  "We've known and worked with ISDN-Net (now The Nexus Group) for many years and are secure in the knowledge that they have the same passion we had for providing our customers with superior service."

Valley Internet

Valley Internet has been providing quality Internet services to local customers since 1996. "Although we have faced many challenges over the years, Valley Internet is still committed to providing our customers with superior Internet services." said Larry Barnes, President of TN Valley Internet. "By joining the Nexus team, we can continue to provide excellent service to our customers while improving and expanding the reach of our network."

The Multipro Network

Based in Cookeville, Tennessee and serving over 5,000 customers, Multipro Network is the oldest provider of Internet services in the Cumberland Plateau area. As a long established player in the area, Multipro has excellent relationships and facilities in the Cumberland Plateau area that would take a great deal of time and effort to establish.

The Multipro Network's customer base is comprised almost entirely of residential users. These customers connect to the Internet using dial-up. Because Nexus had previously focused its attention on the business market, this was an important milestone in the history of Nexus and marked the beginning of its diversification into a pronounced presence in the residential marketplace. The Multipro name and logos continue to be used by Nexus as its residential division.


Net-Serv was on offshoot of a computer hardware maintenance company in Nashville that offered both dialup and full time Nexus-BRI services to its customer base. These customers were a mix of business and residential users. was a rural ISP serving primarily residential customers in an area anchored by Kentucky Lake. was an ISP that served the town of Dickson, Tennessee with dialup service.

Nashville Regional Exchange Point (NREP)

NREP began as a collaborative effort between Nexus and another ISP called Telalink when both organizations were in the start-up phase of their corporate life in the mid 1990's. Within five months of opening, a host of CLECs (competitive local exchange carriers) and other ISPs co-located in the facility, and it became a profitable organization. Located atop the One American Center building in Nashville, NREP is now the largest public peering point between Atlanta and Chicago. A number of companies also use the facility for server co-location and disaster recovery purposes.

NREP is one of the hubs of Nexus's network operations offering its customers the ultimate in stability because of its multiple links to the backbone of the Internet. Plans are underway to position NREP as THE next generation global economic gateway for the middle Tennessee region to include gigabit Ethernet service offerings which would have speeds up to 675 times faster than a T1 (1.54mb/sec) circuit.


Telalink was one of the first ISPs serving the Nashville area. After they ceased operations, Nexus acquired their network assets and their remaining customer base.

Knightwave Technologies

Based in Clarksville, Tennessee Knightwave had a relationship with Nexus through the purchase of ports and bandwidth on a wholesale basis. Nexus acquired Knightwave's customer base of both residential and small business customers located in Clarksville and the surrounding Montgomery County area.

Savannah Internet

Savannah Internet offered services in the central southwestern portion of Tennessee. This company had a long term relationship with Nexus as a port wholesale customer.


ACCESS, LLC was a spin-off of ATS Telephone and Data Systems located in Memphis, Tennessee. It was established in 1997 and provided Internet services to the business community in the Memphis area. Nexus acquired both the customer base and data network facilities of ACCESS, LLC which gave Nexus an immediate point of presence in Memphis which is Tennessee's largest Metropolitan area.

With this acquisition, Nexus gained a major presence in all three of the grand divisions or regions of Tennessee. Over 450 business customers joined Nexus through this transaction.

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