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Data Center Services
Enterprise Services
Information Security Services
Managed Network Services
Professional Services
Connectivity Services
Business Solutions Nexus - 1. a means of connection, 2. a connected series or group, 3. the core or center
Residential Services (Nexus Network)

Network Integration

The foundation of Nexus is Network Integration. With many new providers laying fiber, businesses need a partner that can integrate disparate networks into one homogeneous, secure network. ~ Learn more!


May 31, 2016 Nexus is now an authorized Google Fiber Tech Partner

THE NEXUS GROUP is a trusted advisor for technology infrastructure products and services. At the heart of NEXUS: A secure modern datacenter delivering the Confidentially, Integrity and Availability our customers, employees and business partners demand, 24/7/365. NEXUS customers appreciate the value of a local partner they can turn to for all their needs: virtual computing, colocation, data backup, VOIP, connectivity (T1 / Metro E / Cable circuits), disaster recovery and business continuity suites. The value of cloud computing, locally. You can touch our cloud!
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